Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rako Controls Dimming Systems: Wireless, Wired, and Combined

One of the leading companies in the UK in the area of state-of-the-art digital dimming technology is without a shadow of doubt Rako Controls. They provide innovative solutions for remote and programmed dimming and switching for the lighting at home, in the office, and anywhere it is needed.

The Rako Controls dimming systems available at Sparks Electrical meet the needs of a diverse range of lighting applications, at the same time being simple to use, creative, flexible, and easy to install. Also, they are cost effective! Sometimes it may be confusing to plan a lighting project, but via SparksDirect (with Rako Controls) you can find the help you need to design the lighting project.

Wireless Rako Controls - Dimming Systems

Wireless Rako Controls - Dimming Systems
The wireless Rako Controls dimming systems provides you with all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system without you needing to re-wire or tear down the walls / ceilings. You can use this system in both retro-fit and new installations. Sparks Electrical is proud to distribute and work closely with Rako Controls for all your lighting needs, both small and big projects.

Wireless Rako Controls - Dimming Systems, the project schematics
Rako Wireless dimmers uses either individual modules or Rako's RAK system (with the RxLink wireless interface). This scheme is a sample of a wireless control of a lighting project in the kitchen, where the modules can be either mounted in the ceiling or in a central cupboard, and the lighting can be split into separate circuits.

Wired Rako Dimming Controls

Wired Rako Dimming Controls - a sample project
If you prefer a cabled network, when building a new house and you can fit these in, you can use the Rako Wired dimming / switching system. This system comes complete with LED backlit buttons, custom etching, and able to cope with large projects.

Wired Rako Dimming Controls - a sample project, the schematics
The wired Rako Controls are all wired to a central location or a number of hubs, and the circuits are lined together on the network and connected to appropriate RAK-4 packs. The schematic project above illustrates how this is done.

Combined Rako Controls System

Combined Rako Controls System, a cool application
Whether installer or end-user, you can also combine the Rako wireless and Rako wired systems, obtaining a unique solution with all the flexibility you need for your project. You can always add wireless modules (blobs) as a fall-back solution.

Combined Rako Controls System, a cool application, the project schematics
Rako Bridge combines the wireless and wired systems, and it allows you a complete control from an iPhone or iPad - or remotely via a PC. This picture presents a sample project with wired and wireless Rako dimmers combined together. This kind of projects may be more complex, but we can offer you the help you need (together with the specialists at Rako Controls) for your lighting project.

Brilliant, isn't it? The above pictures can be found with many more explanations via the new Rako Controls website, and you can purchase wireless / wired Rako dimmers via the dedicated category on our website at, Wireless Dimmers.