Thursday, 20 December 2012

Top 5 Most Visited Articles with Pictures at Sparks

After speaking of Our Top Five Colourful, Modern, and Dramatic Light Fittings (check out +Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd blog) we felt we should make yet another Top 5, this time of the articles on this picture blog. First of all, thank you for your visit and subscription :) and for all your comments and suggestions.

It is good to go back and look at statistics from time to time, to see what are people interested in looking at. We do our best to post the best pictures weekly with light fittings, switches and sockets, electrical accessories, and all kinds of other electrical or lighting fittings.

Four White Nordlux Pendants - the Top Post

The amazing white suspension from Nordlux have made quite an entrance, and people love them! Coming in a white finish and with a glass or fabric diffuser, the Nordlux White Pendants made it to the top of the Most Visited Picture Posts.

4 Stylish Plaster Wall Lights - Popular Article

The second most visited blog post on our picture blog is none other than the one speaking of the plaster wall lamps. We tend to think it's because people love their simple design and the opportunity to paint them to match the design of the room.

Popular Fluke Volt Testers and Electrical Testers

The electricians, installers, and domestic users alike love the Fluke volt testers and electrical testers, including the more complex ones. They don't love only their great design and excellent functionality, but also the great explanations and the ease of use.

Stylish Wall Uplighters - Coor Wall Up Lights

Not all the wall lights shed light downwards, some are up-lighters and, believe it or not, they are quite popular. Fittings like the Vector Wall Lamp or Slice Uplighter are stylish, cool looking, and great for both a domestic and a more commercial environment.

The Cheapest Flood Lights online in Pictures

The list would not be complete without this most popular article with the cheapest flood lights for exterior use. Ideal for the garden, the parking lot, the front / back of the house, etc, you can use the floodlights at home or at the office - and these are the cheapest ones!

In conclusion, since it's our last time to blog here for this year, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! See you all in 2013.