Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Adjustable Contempo LED Table Light, pictures of its flexibility

One of the most amazing light fittings on our website is this one - the Contempo LED table light! With a contemporary style and ideal for table mounting or bedside table mounting, this LED lamp incorporates the latest LED technology and offers you a cool table light - fully adjustable and flexible!

Available in white or black, below we are introducing you to some of the ways you can fold, adjust, or bend the BPX310 Contempo White LED table light. Ideal for interior decoration, this lamp has a conical base and a robust polycarbonate construction. You can bend or rotate this fitting almost in every angle and direction from its joints - 11W energy saving LED table lamp!

Adjustable Contempo 11W LED Table Light - Pictures

Contempo LED Table Lamp - energy saving fitting

Contemporary table light - 11W LED light fitting

Contempo 11W LED table light fitting at Sparks

Adjustable LED table light - 11W energy saving lamp

Flexible LED desk lamp with energy saving properties

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