Monday, 1 March 2010

wireless alarms for domestic use, the Infinite Prime kit for home protection

Of course, all of us have heard of this really cool website introducing some really cool innovative ranges of products, the wireless alarms for domestic use. If not, then at SparksDirect there is a whole section dedicated to the Wireless Intruder Alarms - the Infinite Prime Wireless Alarms. No need for wire connection(except the control panel) - all the alarms are wirelessly - via radio waves - connected. Here are some of the components/items/alarms found in the complete kit for home use:

Infinite Prime Smoke Detector - Wireless Smoke Alarm

Infinite Prime INF-Flood - Wireless Flood Detector

Infinite Prime INF-GAS - Wireless Gas Detector


Infinite Prime INF-GLASS - Wireless Glass Break Detector


Infinite Prime INF-MAG - Wireless Magnetic Door Contacts


Infinite Prime INF-MFB - Wireless Multifunction Keyfob


Infinite Prime INF-PANIC - Wireless Panic Pendant


Infinite Prime INFP-CO PRIME - Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector


Infinite Prime INF-PIR Wireless PIR - Wireless Motion Detector


Infinite Prime INFP-LCDRKP - Remote KeyPad


Infinite Prime INF-WES - Wireless External Siren


Infinite Prime Complete Kit of Wireless Alarms including GSM module


To purchase the Wireless Intruder Alarms from ESP - the Infinite Prime range - visit the dedicated website or our online store -